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Coaching by Berni

ambrosethumbYou are 100% right about your worth… every week the relationship gets stronger, your ability to coach and my ability to learn grows… I feel like I’ve been in a rainstorm, found a rainbow (you) and you’re leading me to my (goal) the pot of gold. But I’ve got to chase that rainbow until the end! - Ambrose, Owner of MISPIBO Fitness, Milwaukee, WI

So you wanna get shin kicked?

by sarah steenlandI’m Berni Xiong (shUNG), The Shin Kicking Life Spark. I believe we are already born to be creative, resourceful, and whole individuals. As life throws us around and beats us up a bit, we can become heavy-hearted and discouraged about our ability to perform at our highest levels. We begin to wonder whether we are good enough.

This is no “crying on the couch in a stodgy office” kind of operation.

We already know what’s wrong. We’re not clueless about what to fix. Sometimes, all we need is a little nudge (or shin kicking) to help us get out of our head and on the path towards tangible and significant results. Together, we’ll figure out how to get you from “I’m in a funk” to “I’m having fun.” My number one goal is to help you speak up, stand out and change your world.

I will NOT do this stuff:

I will do more of this stuff:

Who have I helped?

Many of my clients are small business owners going through growing pains, career employees who have rapidly climbed the corporate ladder, women who are stepping into their own feminine power, and entrepreneurs living on their own terms. See what brave bears in shinkickville are saying about me!

Are you shin kickable?

You have a definite purpose. You have a burning desire to bring your craft to the world. You know it takes a lot of grit and undeniable support to hone your level of excellence. You often live on your lone island. You invest in and prioritize your personal and professional development. You hustle hard and give a damn about helping others but sometimes need some support getting there (because flying solo can be lonely and daunting at times).

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