Photo credit: Mark Sebastian
Photo credit: Mark Sebastian

You have a definite purpose and a burning desire to bring your craft to the world, but you often live on your lone island trying to do everything by yourself. You’ve invested in personal and professional development for over a decade, but still find yourself back at square one. Everyone says that you have so much potential, but you’re tired of it.

All the hustling you do…all the hurdles to jump over, but you still aren’t making any traction. At least that’s what it feels like to you.

It seems like every time you get closer to the finish line, something else comes up and obstructs your path. You wonder, Will I ever get there? Where everyone else–but you–seems to be.

Why does giving a damn about wanting to help others have to feel so lonely and daunting at times?

 As life throws us around and beats us up, we become heavy-hearted. We’re discouraged when we fail. We’re afraid we won’t match up to our competition. I’m here to tell you there’s no one else like you in the world. The only person to compare yourself to today is who you were yesterday. It’s gonna take a lot of grit and undeniable support to change the world. Doing it alone is no longer going to cut it. It takes a village to move mountains.

Hi, I’m Berni Xiong (shUNG), The Shin Kicking Life Spark. I’ve dedicated the past seven years helping impact-driven authors, coaches and entrepreneurs practice bravery every day to speak up, stand out, and change the world

This is no “crying on the couch in a stodgy office” kind of operation.

You already know what’s wrong. You’re not clueless about what to fix. So you won’t get any psychobabble from me. Sometimes we need a little nudge (or a shin kicking) to help us get out of our heads…to melt away self-doubt…and to break through the fear. Ready to stop chasing someone else’s dream? It’s time to finally live on your terms.

I will NOT do this stuff:

→ be attached to your sob story

→ tell you what to do

→ do the work for you

→ give you unrealistic goals or expectations

→ bore you with “finding your passion” crap

I will do more of this stuff:

→ help you get to the heart of the issue in minutes

→ give you an objective perspective and outlook

→ be your sounding board when you have difficult choices to make

→ help you set goals and an action plan to break things down into manageable parts

→ be your accountability partner inspiring you to “git r done.”

What are people saying about my work?

Your honesty, integrity, and genuine joy you exhibit during the session is fantastic. You have a wonderful way of helping self-doubt melt away; I think it is because you genuinely see someone’s value!!! You F’n rock Berni!!!!

Read what others are saying.

Who have I helped?

→ Fierce women who are stepping into their own feminine power

→ Social entrepreneurs who are building purpose-driven businesses from scratch

→ Small business owners who need to re-energize their employees and provide transformational leadership

→ Career professionals who are looking for guidance and accountability as they climb the corporate ladder

How does coaching work?

I am a honed communicator with an extraordinary gift of claircognizance (clear knowing). I have a profound sense of knowing, which means I can help you get to the heart of the matter in minutes. I cannot and will not promise you overnight success; there’s no such thing. I will be an objective partner to help you gain a different perspective on your situation. I will be your sounding board when you have a difficult decision to make. Within one session, you’ll discover what’s preventing you from achieving effective and sustainable results. By the end of our session, you’ll be ready to kick fear in the shins and turn your ideas into big wins.

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